The International Profiler (TIP) a non-judgemental development tool. It offers solutions to be more effective in a global environment regardless of the specific cultures involved.


When is TIP useful?

The following are some likely contexts in which The International Profiler can be used:

•  International projects

•  International reorganizations

•  Cross-cultural teams

•  Expatriation / Mobility programmes

•  Companies with international contexts

•  Training/support for globalization

•  Cross cultural training programmes

•  Talent development

•  Culture awareness training

•  Preparing managers for international roles

•  Leadership development

•  Expat Coaching

•  Working with international teams



•  Non-judgmental test, results and debrief

•  Creating within a few days self-awareness about 22 international skills

•  Objective and clear results (DB with 14000 respondents)

•  Contextual and personalized debrief

•  Identifies development areas to achieve excellence or to improve skills

•  Elaboration of a creative action plan with professional suggestions from the coach

•  Helps an organisation identify strengths and gaps regarding its international objectives

•  Yields rich data for success in cross-cultural environments


Benefits experienced. Improves and boosts…

•  Understanding of the international context

•  Communication skills

•  Leadership

•  Focus on goals

•  Stronger productivity

•  Stress management

•  Greater creativity for finding solutions

•  More efficient teams


My offer

•  Online intercultural self-awareness questionnaire (40 minutes)

•  Detailed report about your focus on the 22 intercultural skills

•  Personalized and contextual debrief (1.30 hours)

•  Action plan based on your job objectives

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