Coach Up Workshops


Essential workshop to broaden your perspectives, to evaluate the challenges of this huge change in your life, to find up solutions and to create a motivating and realistic action plan which is the key element to a success expatriation.

It is oriented to expats-to-be or recent expats and/or their partner.


•  Evaluate the expatriation impact on personal and professional areas

•  Take your time and step back to be better prepared and to adapt to the new circumstances

•  Find a way to live a successful adaptation in a different cultural context

•  Work on one’s behavior and one’s preconceived ideas to be more efficient from the first day

•  Elaborate a “survival kit”: ideas, host country information, contacts

•  Elaborate a personal action plan

Workshop where the participants dialogue, share their doubts, their questions, their fears, their hopes, etc.  The answers will be given by the exchange and the cooperation between the participants. Maximum of 8 participants.

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