Thanks to my experiences and to the issues I dealt with during my time as an expat and my professional stays abroad I decided to dedicate myself to the people who pursue their careers and their lives in another country.


• Are you about to become an expat? Or have you just done it? And are you struggling with a lot of doubts and questions regarding your family and your (and their) social life in this new environment?

• Are you a trailing spouse or about to become one and this change scares you? Do you feel lost? Overwhelmed?

• Have you been living abroad during a period and the going back time has come? Or maybe you have just come back? That probably sounds contradictory but you feel lost and overwhelmed, maybe a little bit scared??

Expats and their trailing spouses often have to deal with the same kind of doubts before their departure:

• Will I be able to adapt to my new situation? And my family?

• Will we both be allowed to pursue our careers or will one of us have to give up his/her career?

• Will I be able to make new friends?

• How will I build new relationships if I do not speak the local language?

And before coming back:

• Will I find a job?

• Will I be able to adapt/readjust to my own country?

• How can I use my experience and the competences I acquired and developed during my time abroad?

• How can I implement my new life project?

Go ahead! COACH UP YOUR LIFE is the ideal solution for you and your family!

On the basis of my experience as an expatriate, I offer you different COACH UP YOUR LIFE individual solutions:

• Preparation for departure: the conditions of a successful move.

• Integration in a new country.

• Pack Preparation + Integration.

• Returning home: enhance your experience abroad and find your reference points in your home country again.

• The return: gather momentum and go for it by creating your own personal project upon arrival in your home country.

• Workshops

Or COACH UP YOUR LIFE for couples:


You are a unique, complete and resourceful human being and thanks to your compromise you will convert your experience abroad into a marvelous adventure.

1, 2, 3!!! COACH UP YOUR LIFE right now!

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is aimed at executives and leaders who are going to became an expat or have just arrived in their respective countries of assignment. Are you in one of those situations? The best thing would be if your company were aware that it has to prepare you adequately for your move. Nevertheless, many of them do not appreciate the professional issues you will deal with in your new position. Maybe you have decided to become an expat on your own.

Adapting to a new position and new responsibilities are not always an easy task. Those difficulties intensify when we talk about a position abroad. If the language is not always a problem (for instance: an Australian in the USA or a Mexican in Spain), everything else is different: communication, relationships with colleagues, managers, clients or suppliers, the relevance of the religion and its impact on working life, being the newcomer and, moreover, the foreigner, etc. Therefore, it is essential to understand and integrate the professional and socio-cultural environmental differences.

COACH UP YOUR JOB will allow you to meet the challenge and to be more efficient and effective as soon as possible:

• Labor strategy to draw up a new project, to adapt your professional activity to an expatriation framework, to find a new job.

• Joining a new job abroad strategy.

• Returning home strategy: enhance your experience abroad and find again your reference points in your company and/or your home country.

• The return strategy: gather momentum and go for it by creating your own professional project upon your arrival at your home country.

You can also choose to mix COACH UP YOUR LIFE and COAH UP YOUR JOB to fully prepare your expatriation. In that way, you will work on both your personal and professional life:

·       Preparation + Joining a new job

·       Integration + Joining a new job

·       Preparation + Integration + Joining a new job

·       Succesfull coming-back

Does your company employing workers from different countries? Does your company send abroad its leaders and executives? If you have answered yes to, at least, one of these questions, you have surely experienced difficulties linked to those situations:

• Communication issues in multicultural teams that negatively affect their work performance.

• Expatriate leaders who face leadership and/or communication problems upon their arrival.

• Expatriate executives who have integration troubles in their new team and their new professional environment upon their arrival.

• Expatriate executives/leaders who have uneasy relations with their clients, suppliers, the public administration, etc.

In these cases, COACH UP YOUR BUSINESS brings you the solution:

• Strategy to create high performance multicultural cohesive and solid teams.

• Strategy to create leaders and executives able to evolve in an agile way through multiculturalism so as to be more productive.

• Joining a new job abroad strategy.

• Strategy for a quick and efficient integration of workers from different cultures.

• Leader and Executive’s mobility preparation workshop.

• Workshop to educate in the conscience of the multiculturalism to create an integrator multicultural environment. A better productivity and a higher performance are aimed thanks to this powerful new environment

The Coach Up founder developed the major part of her professional career in the third-sector. Contributing to the creation of a better and fairer world has always been part of her values. Solidarity and empathy are necessary to convert our global society into a society free of prejudice and inequalities.

For this purpose, Coach Up Social works with some third sector entities. Thus, Coach Up Social supports marginalized communities and gives them the opportunity to create a better future.

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