Thanks to my experiences and to the issues I dealt with during my time as an expat and my professional stays abroad I decided to dedicate myself to the people who pursue their careers and their lives in another country.


• Are you about to become an expat? Or have you just done it? And are you struggling with a lot of doubts and questions regarding your family and your (and their) social life in this new environment?

• Are you a trailing spouse or about to become one and this change scares you? Do you feel lost? Overwhelmed?

• Have you been living abroad during a period and the going back time has come? Or maybe you have just come back? That probably sounds contradictory but you feel lost and overwhelmed, maybe a little bit scared??

Expats and their trailing spouses often have to deal with the same kind of doubts before their departure:

• Will I be able to adapt to my new situation? And my family?

• Will we both be allowed to pursue our careers or will one of us have to give up his/her career?

• Will I be able to make new friends?

• How will I build new relationships if I do not speak the local language?

And before coming back:

• Will I find a job?

• Will I be able to adapt/readjust to my own country?

• How can I use my experience and the competences I acquired and developed during my time abroad?

• How can I implement my new life project?

Go ahead! COACH UP YOUR LIFE is the ideal solution for you and your family!

On the basis of my experience as an expatriate, I offer you different COACH UP YOUR LIFE individual solutions:

• Preparation for departure: the conditions of a successful move.

• Integration in a new country.

• Pack Preparation + Integration.

• Returning home: enhance your experience abroad and find your reference points in your home country again.

• The return: gather momentum and go for it by creating your own personal project upon arrival in your home country.

• Workshops

Or COACH UP YOUR LIFE for couples:


You are a unique, complete and resourceful human being and thanks to your compromise you will convert your experience abroad into a marvelous adventure.

1, 2, 3!!! COACH UP YOUR LIFE right now!

Send an e-mail at or contact me on my mobile number +34 622 09 17 73 and we will set up a free and non-binding discovery session.

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