is aimed at executives and leaders who are going to became an expat or have just arrived in their respective countries of assignment. Are you in one of those situations? The best thing would be if your company were aware that it has to prepare you adequately for your move. Nevertheless, many of them do not appreciate the professional issues you will deal with in your new position. Maybe you have decided to become an expat on your own.

Adapting to a new position and new responsibilities are not always an easy task. Those difficulties intensify when we talk about a position abroad. If the language is not always a problem (for instance: an Australian in the USA or a Mexican in Spain), everything else is different: communication, relationships with colleagues, managers, clients or suppliers, the relevance of the religion and its impact on working life, being the newcomer and, moreover, the foreigner, etc. Therefore, it is essential to understand and integrate the professional and socio-cultural environmental differences.

COACH UP YOUR JOB will allow you to meet the challenge and to be more efficient and effective as soon as possible:

• Labor strategy to draw up a new project, to adapt your professional activity to an expatriation framework, to find a new job.

• Joining a new job abroad strategy.

• Returning home strategy: enhance your experience abroad and find again your reference points in your company and/or your home country.

• The return strategy: gather momentum and go for it by creating your own professional project upon your arrival at your home country.

You can also choose to mix COACH UP YOUR LIFE and COAH UP YOUR JOB to fully prepare your expatriation. In that way, you will work on both your personal and professional life:

·       Preparation + Joining a new job

·       Integration + Joining a new job

·       Preparation + Integration + Joining a new job

·       Succesfull coming-back

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