Does your company employing workers from different countries? Does your company send abroad its leaders and executives? If you have answered yes to, at least, one of these questions, you have surely experienced difficulties linked to those situations:

• Communication issues in multicultural teams that negatively affect their work performance.

• Expatriate leaders who face leadership and/or communication problems upon their arrival.

• Expatriate executives who have integration troubles in their new team and their new professional environment upon their arrival.

• Expatriate executives/leaders who have uneasy relations with their clients, suppliers, the public administration, etc.

In these cases, COACH UP YOUR BUSINESS brings you the solution:

• Strategy to create high performance multicultural cohesive and solid teams.

• Strategy to create leaders and executives able to evolve in an agile way through multiculturalism so as to be more productive.

• Joining a new job abroad strategy.

• Strategy for a quick and efficient integration of workers from different cultures.

• Leader and Executive’s mobility preparation workshop.

• Workshop to educate in the conscience of the multiculturalism to create an integrator multicultural environment. A better productivity and a higher performance are aimed thanks to this powerful new environment

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