Becoming an expat? Alone? With your spouse? Your family? Turning back home? Make these adventures successful!

Back-up to executives and leaders going through great professional changes  due to becoming an expat or coming back home.

Multicultural teams? Expats? Deal with the multiculturalism and integration challenge efficiently.


CoachUp Social works with some third sector entities to support marginalized communities and gives them the opportunity to create a better future.

The MBTI® tool builds a robust foundation for life-long personal development. It provides a constructive, flexible and liberating framework for understanding individual differences and strengths.

About Coach Up

Karen Odelot Capdevila

Coach Up Founder & Team and Executive Certified Coach

I was born into a multicultural family in Paris to a Spanish mother and a French father.

I graduated in Business from La Sorbonne and I worked in some private and public companies before moving to Barcelona where I reinvented myself and I dedicated myself to development cooperation and international relations.

In 2006, I was an expat in the Moroccan Rif. That experience marked a major turning point in my professional life. I became aware I was not mentally prepared to meet the reality of a marvelous but very isolated area, an area clearly anchored in Berber traditions, far from the clichés spread by cities like Marrakech.

Later, I went through deep changes in my personal life. Those led me to study Coaching and to specialize in Team and Executive Coaching. I also went to Gainesville (USA) to be a Certified Practitioner of the MBTI® Step I and Step II Instruments and I studied Futuring. Both tools are relevant for the future of people and organizations.

So, I reinvented myself once more and I began to shape my project : Coach Up, a mix of my adventures, my experiences, my training and my passion for people and cultures.


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La expatriación exitosa es su elefante. Para conseguirla la va a trocear en pequeños objetivos SMART.

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Karen me ayudó a centrarme en lo que era importante para mí. Yo le indiqué que es lo que quería reconducir en mi vida personal y profesional y ella me ayudó a identificar los pasos a seguir. Con total compromiso, los llevé a cabo y ahora tengo el trabajo que quería y a nivel personal conseguí que mis familiares se dieran cuenta de mis intereses y los respetaran.

Lidia Blanco

Ha sido un antes y un después mi experiencia con Karen, me ha reconducido por un camino de cambios sustanciales y me ha ayudado a reorganizar temas de trabajo y personales.

Agradezco su gran ayuda, su apoyo, la empatía, las sonrisas y los objetivos que he logrado gracias a estos procesos de coaching. Gracias Karen por ser una excelente profesional y una gran persona, agradezco que nos hayamos encontrado para poder dar este cambio y seguir renovada y con nuevas herramientas para seguir adelante.

Mafe Alvarez
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